Adding a little spice to your life with the “Samosas”

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April 6, 2022
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Indian food is scientifically proven to taste great, did you know that?

Spices and intricate flavors are the key to this exotic and heady blend. A tongue-tingling blend of flavors and aromas is infused into every dish of this exotic cuisine, not how much spice is added. Cooking an Indian meal requires the use of spices that are carefully in sync with one another. It truly is an art to prepare an Indian dish!

A perfect spread comes from the seamless integration of spices, ingredients, and flavors. This is one of the main reasons why Indian and western cuisine are so different.

It is not just the geographic location and climate that have an impact on the types of food, but also historic immigration patterns, spices, trade links, rulers, and religions. There might be tandoor-grilled kebabs and sweet coconut fish curries in the north, while there are rice and sweet coconut curries in the south.

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The Indians must have a strong sense of emotion when it comes to samosas. If you expect your life to be smooth without any ups and downs, just imagine your samosa with chatni. After all, all the ups and downs make the samosas worth devouring.

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Samosas are often dismissed as humble snacks, but they are so much more. They are a historic symbol as well as a delicious reminder that globalization is nothing new. There are some chapters to every good thing this is same with the samosa

Wondering to know about the history!

In India, samosas have travelled a very long way to reach us. In fact, this savory snack that doubles as a quick meal as well as a snack is so ingrained in our culture that many of us are unaware that it is an import from Central Asia.

As the dawn of civilization emerged in the Iranian plateau, the first ancient empires that developed in the samosa’s origins were thousands of miles away. According to some accounts, this food was introduced to India by Middle Eastern chefs who migrated to the country for employment during the Delhi Sultanate period, although merchants are also said to have introduced it.

In addition to the original triangular pastry from Persia, there have evolved interesting regional variations. The filling has evolved from chicken mince and pine nuts to spicy boiled potato mash sometimes topped with green peas. Singhara is a Bengali word for samosa. It is commonly served with stir-fried potatoes and cauliflower mince. It is also called singhra in Bengal. With a range of sizes and shapes to choose from – like cocktail samosas to jumbo mutton mince options for a working lunch – samosas are available in every shape and size.

This is all about the journey of samosa from where it originates till now it grabs a special place in our heart.

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